Bereavement Poetry and Prose

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Many bereaved parents find it helpful to share their experiences with others and to hear from parents in similar positions to themselves. As part of our grief support, we are building a database of stories, meaningful poems or prose that have helped you or others through the grieving process. These meaningful words offer reassurance, relief from distress, or a much-needed conncection to someone who understands. 

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I Miss You Rosie



I miss your smile,
I miss your giggle,
I miss your arms around my neck,
I miss your face,
I miss your laugh,

I miss you panicking,
I miss you saying ‘Oh My God, Oh My God',
I miss you walking down my path,
I miss you asking for Paracetamol for your hangover,

I miss hugging you,
I miss you constantly straightening your hair,
I miss everything about you,
I miss you.



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