Parent's Stories

Parent's Bereavement Stories 

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Many bereaved parents find it helpful to share their experiences with others and to hear from parents in similar positions to themselves. As part of our grief support, we are building a database of stories, meaningful poems or prose that have helped you or others through the grieving process. These meaningful words offer reassurance, relief from distress, or a much-needed conncection to someone who understands. 

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How It All Began - Rosie Crane's Story

It was just before her 23rd birthday when Rosie was diagnosed with leukaemia. She had been complaining of tiredness and aching joints, but as she had just started a new job and was going to the gym tw...

Right to the End

Michelle Paull, better known as Shelly, was born on 5 January 1963, the first of three children. She was a happy, fun loving girl who grew and blossomed into a fun loving woman, beautiful outsid...

Always the Star

Sarah was given to us on 2 January 1981. We were the proud parents of our first born daughter. She gave us so much joy and happiness, and she was our whole world until her baby brother Gav...

What my Heart Says

I'm going to tell you something, I hope you'll never know, I'll tell you how a heart can break and tears can constant flow. I lost my baby girl you see, an angel in my eyes, God chose to take her h...

My Tsunami

I sit and try to make sense of it all with no emotion, no feeling. Wanting to feel something but there isn't anything there. Like the ocean when struck by mother earth it comes with no ...

Flying Colours

At the time of her death Hannah was 22 years old and working and living in Leeds in the HR department of the Children's Workforce Development Council. She had only come home to Somerton that aft...

Stay at Home

My beautiful daughter,Olivia, was born on 19 July 1993. She was my first child and my mother's first grandchild. My father had died suddenly at 57, after my wedding in 1992. I ...

The Muse of my Mind

If you didn't know this man... then you seriously needed to, you can ask about him to almost anyone and they will give you the best speech you will ever hear. He is my inspiration for life and e...

A moment of madness

A moment of madness Our son Adrian was born 21 01 1983. He had a crop of black hair and was just over 6 lb in weight. He was born in the night so when I took him to the ward everyone was keen...

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