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Many bereaved parents find it helpful to share their experiences with others and to hear from parents in similar positions to themselves. As part of our grief support, we are building a database of stories, meaningful poems or prose that have helped you or others through the grieving process. These meaningful words offer reassurance, relief from distress, or a much-needed conncection to someone who understands. 

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Always the Star

Sarah was given to us on 2 January 1981.  We were the proud parents of our first born daughter.  She gave us so much joy and happiness, and she was our whole world until her baby brother Gavin arrived four years later.  Sarah attended Avishays Primary School, and when she was eleven years old started at Holyrood.  Her love of drama had already begun at Avishays where we have fond memories of her in the school production of Joseph.  Then at Holyrood she had parts in many school plays, and drama classes were her favourite.

She went to SCAT at 16 to do a Diploma in Performing Art, and we had the pleasure of seeing her in many plays ,that made us so proud, as her real potential was brought out.  She worked at Tesco full time for a year to get some money behind her to fulfil her dream of going to University, which she did by getting accepted at Kings College, Winchester, where she got her degree in Performing Arts, and loved every minute of her Uni days.  The work wasn't always easy for Sarah, but her drive and determination got her through, and she was the first one from both our families to get a degree.

Sarah was a real family girl, liking nothing better than a big family get together.  She showed her loving, caring side when her beloved Nan was so ill with cancer, and she spent hours with her, and showed such strength and courage.  Sarah's smile would light up a room.

Nothing can ever prepare you for the loss of a child, the heartache and devastation to the parents and family, we didn't just lose our daughter, we also lost a special friend too.  Sarah had grown into a beautiful woman who wasn't embarrased to be seen with her parents, unlike when she was a teenager.  We had come through that long tunnel all parents go through when a child is growing up.  That for us is one of the hardest things to accept.

When Sarah was performing in a play or drama we would always say she was "Always the Star", whenever we see the brightest star in the sky at night we think of our Sarah, because in our eyes she will always be our Special star.



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