Bereaved Couple Sat on a Bench

I started the Rosie Crane Trust in October 2006, two years after the death of my daughter, Rosie, at 23 as a result of developing leukaemia. I was contacted by two bereaved parents, we met up and found it was a great relief and help to talk about what had happened, our thoughts, memories and concerns. I launched a support group at a party in memory of Rosie, as there was nothing she loved more than to be with family and friends.

There is immense value in being able to talk to people who can really understand and empathise with what you have been through. Very little support is available for parents, especially if their son or daughter was an adult when they died.

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"Just walking into the Drop-in Centre, I can feel the cloud lifting "
"What a good morning, stress levels back to normal"
"I would encourage anyone who is struggling with the loss of a child to seek support from this very special Trust"

How can we help?

  • Have you experienced the loss of your son or daughter?
  • Do you need someone to talk to?
  • We provide support for bereaved parents
  • Contact us today (9am-8pm)

We support bereaved parents through their grief after the loss of a son or daughter of any age and offer the following services:

  • Monthly Drop-in Centres
  • Listening Ear Helpline (9am-8pm)
  • Befriending service
  • Subsidised counselling

The Drop-in Centres provide an informal, friendly, safe and confidential place where parents can meet others who can really understand and empathise with them.

Our Listening Ear Helpline is staffed by trained, volunteer bereaved parents who can give you support, assurance, friendship and most importantly, someone able and willing to listen to you.


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