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Many bereaved parents find it helpful to share their experiences with others and to hear from parents in similar positions to themselves. As part of our grief support, we are building a database of stories, meaningful poems or prose that have helped you or others through the grieving process. These meaningful words offer reassurance, relief from distress, or a much-needed conncection to someone who understands. 

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The Darkness of His Loss Where No Light Shines


The Darkness of His Loss Where No Light Shines 


Yes I cursed and complained at life's little things

that seemed so important at the time.

But now I know all is not as it seems

in the overwhelming darkness where no sun shines


As I struggled to make sense of your loss,

I rebel at trivia and don't give a drain

for the mundane, complaining dross

of those who do not share my pain


In the darkness where no sun shines

I struggle with the yearning as I pine

for your smile and company as we might

meet often in the local and share a pint


God moves in mysterious ways they say.

But he never answered my plea as I prayed

to show some sign and give you light

And hope from the continuous oppressive night.


The stomach-churning grief and pain,

the unbelievable reality of your death,

the long sleepless nights as I in vain

seek answers with quickening breath


I ask why? What is this life all about?

Why have I lost you I demand and shout?

"He was a good man who gave and did not take

He did not deserve his fearsome fate"


You were loving, intelligent, considerate too
A man of the world, that all few knew,
struggled with depression, an anxious plight
which you fought vainly a desperate fight.


And now you are gone and no longer mine

I am left with the darkness where no sun shines

Until I found others who share similar lament,

They offered me a shoulder on which I leant.


Slowly I find hope as I see others who mourn

They show me a way to a new brighter dawn

An escape from the repressive time

From darkness of his loss where no sun shines.





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